Featured Testimonial - Kathryn Sonogan - August 2016

"Bridget has been simply excellent throughout the process for us to purchase our first (of many) investment properties!

Bridget made everything easy, streamlined and got us a great deal on our existing home loan. We recommend Bridget to all of our friends and family and couldn’t be happier with the services she has provided us.

Bridget has a great team supporting her who are always happy to help, special mention to Jess! Thank you Bridget! It’s easy, and inspiring to see how you are so highly regarded in your field of business.

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A White & B Porter

"Hey Duane,
Thanks for your email. I also wanted to take the time to personally thank you for the outstanding work and efforts you contributed towards our home loan and getting it over the edge. On behalf of Beth and I we're truly thankful and have no doubt that it would have been a far bumpier ride had you not been involved.

We really appreciated your diligence and determination to getting this loan finalised. We did have Emma help us secure the house but we feel you were the real superstar in the process.

So on behalf of Beth and I, thank you for your hard work, running around - all in the name of customer satisfaction.

I'm not sure what the procedures are at your end regarding commission etc but there's no doubt you truly deserve something for your efforts. And we would be more than happy to refer people to you after the experience we've had. Shall be in touch no doubt and likewise if we have any further questions.

Thanks again!"

Mr.Scott Montgomery

"Alison and I love dealing with you because you take the time to explain everything in detail, on a level that is easy to understand."

"Bridget is great to deal with. She has a knack for explaining things on a level that is easy to understand. Her communication skills are outstanding and her professionalism is amazing . I would highly recommend Vision money to anyone who is looking to secure a loan."

Mr.Douglas Lee

"Your knowledge on banking and loans and the ease in which you can explain the details to me. I also appreciate the effort you take to deal with any issues and how you make these problems disappear."

"You don't need a testimonial from me. I will just keep sending clients to you that require your services and don't know it."

Miss.Chelsea Mulcahy

"Spoke in plain English so I completely understood what was happening. It made it very easy to ask questions."

"It was so refreshing to have someone who understood my needs and found the best solution for ME! Am excited to have Bridget helping me into the future."

Mr.Benjamin Nortje

"The knowledge and service that Bridget and her team @ vision money was exceptional" "The team at vision money were great went above and beyond to get our loan approved and get us into our first house very very happy"

Ms.Joanne Lysagh

"Friendliness and professionalism"

"Bridget spent quality time with me on the phone (she is in NT, I am in NSW) and she understood my needs right from the start. She arranged everything and found the best finance that suited me perfectly. I've never had the financial process go this smoothly before! Her phone and email communication is extremely professional. Bridget is energetic and extremely driven which is why our mutual success is assured."

Mr.Danyel Attard

"Everything. You went above and beyond to find the property that we wanted and then organised everything from the loans through to the solicitor and property manager. Service could not have been better."

"This was our first foray into property investment and to say we were hesitant and nervous would be a big understatement. Bridget helped us in providing information on where to buy, she then located the property we wanted, put us into contact with the builder, organised a solicitor with local knowledge (property is in Qld whereas we are based in Vic) as well as organising our finances! She is always friendly and patient with the many questions we had and seemed to go out of her way to make sure we were looked after and any concerns were taken care of. My wife and I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Bridget's services whatsoever."